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About Us

- Sally Randich, Author -

Sally’s fondest dream is to retain a sense of child-like wonder throughout her life. She makes her home in a small town in Alaska, is the mother of three grown children and a devoted grandmother of four. She adores telling a tall tale and making people laugh. She is positive that in a previous life, she was employed as a court jester. Sally enjoys writing poetry and adult fiction, playing with her grandchildren and adventuring in the great Alaskan outdoors.

It is a gift to find an illustrator that can take the words an author writes and turn them into illustrations full of color and personality. Melissa seems to have a knack for going a step beyond what is visualized inside of my head as I create a story. She is fun to work with, always steady and full of good cheer, by turns silly, clever and whimsical. Her vibrant illustrations are guaranteed to elicit giggles. I feel fortunate that she has decided to take me on as a partner in this enterprise.

- Melissa Randich, Illustrator -

Melissa has always been creative at heart, ever since she was a child growing up in Alaska. She could see the beauty in things others couldn't, and had a passion for the arts that has flourished in her adult life. She is a dedicated mother of three, loving wife, caring daughter and sister, and doting aunt. In recent years she took to "doodling" and creating whimsical pieces with just markers, paper, and her imagination. Since then her "doodling" has transformed into book illustrations and designs that truly ignite the imagination. 

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