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How it all started ...

It’s funny how far people will take a dare! Randich & Randich Publishing began as a pipe dream way back in November 2018. Confused about what to give the grandchildren for Christmas, Sally decided one cold, dark winter evening to pen a silly rhyme for each child and have it made into a book. Since her drawing skills amount to skinny stick figures with largish heads, she asked her daughter Melissa, the mother of the children to illustrate the stories. 


The poems made it into book form by Christmas to rave reviews! They especially liked the antics of Max as he battles the biggest goat on the farm to see who will be the strongest. After the holidays settled down into the dull days of January, Melissa challenged her mom to stop shoving her rhymes in a drawer and take the steps required to publish one of them. She felt Max vs. Goat would be the perfect place to start. Sally countered back to her daughter, that if she was going to stick her neck out with her poems them Melissa should do something about all the drawings that lay in leaning piles about the house.


This began a two year journey in learning not only how to write and illustrate a children’s storybook, but learning how to navigate the often times confusing world of self-publishing children’s literature.


After many late nights and a multitude of renditions, Randich and Randich Publishing proudly presents the book that began it all; Max vs Goat. A 30 page soft cover children’s story book. 


Coming fast on the heels of Max’s first adventure is our first children’s board book; Moose-A-Paloosa. An 18 page children’s hard cover board book.


We hope you like our stories as much as we have enjoyed creating them. 


Thanks for dropping by,


Sally Randich, Author

Melissa Randich, Illustrator

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